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The term value can have a number of meanings in spreadsheet programs.

  1. For number data, value refers to the numerical quantity of data - such as 100 or 200

  2. For Boolean or logical data, value refers to the state of the data - whether TRUE or FALSE

  3. For text data, value refers to a word or string entered into the worksheet

  4. Value can also be used in the sense of a condition or parameter that must be met in a worksheet for certain results to occur.

    For example, when filtering data, the value is the condition that data must meet in order to remain in the data table and not be filtered out.

Values can be text, dates, numbers, or Boolean data.

In the past, the term value was used to define a type of data used in spreadsheet programs.

This use has been largely replaced by the term number data although certain functions in Excel, such as the CELL function and the VALUE function still make reference to value as a type of data.

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