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Unhide Rows in Excel

An Excel Keyboard Shortcut


Unhide Rows in Excel Using a Keyboard Shortcut

Unhide Rows in Excel Using a Keyboard Shortcut

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This Excel tip shows you how to unhide rows in an Excel spreadsheet using a keyboard shortcut.

Example of How to Unhide Rows using a Keyboard Shortcut

Note: For help with this example, see the image to the right.

  1. Before you can unhide rows, it is necessary to hide rows in Excel.

  2. Once you have hidden one or more rows, drag select the rows on either side of the hidden row(s).

  3. Press and hold down the Ctrl and the Shift keys on the keyboard.

  4. Press and release the number nine ( 9 ) key on the keyboard without releasing the Ctrl and Shift keys.

  5. The hidden row(s) will reappear in the spreadsheet.

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