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Hide Rows in Excel

An Excel Keyboard Shortcut


Hiding Rows in Excel Using a Keyboard Shortcut

Hiding Rows in Excel Using a Keyboard Shortcut

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This Excel tip shows you how to hide rows of data in an Excel spreadsheet using a keyboard shortcut.

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Example of How to Hide Rows using a Keyboard Shortcut

Note: For help with this example, see the image to the right.

  1. Enter the following data into cells A1 to A3: January, February, March.

  2. Click on cell A2 with the mouse to highlight it.

  3. Press and hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard.

  4. Press and release the number nine " 9 " key without releasing the Ctrl key.

  5. Row 2 should now be hidden from view - along with the data (February) it contains in cell A2.

Note: The data in A2 has not been deleted. It can still be referenced in such things as formulas and charts even though it has been hidden.

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