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Free Excel Biweekly Time Sheet Template

Free Time Sheet Template from Microsoft


Excel Time Sheet Template

Excel Time Sheet Template

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This article shows you how to download and use a free biweekly time sheet template in Excel. The template is located on Microsoft's website and can be downloaded for free through Excel or from Microsoft's web site.

Note: To download this and other templates from Microsoft you need an internet connection.

Downloading the Time Sheet Template from Microsoft's Web Site

Click on the link below to open the template page:

Microsoft's free biweekly time sheet template

Once on the site:

  1. Click on the Download button on the template page.

  2. Microsoft Excel should open with the time sheet template loaded into the program.

  3. Save the template to your computer.

  4. Before the download begins Microsoft's web site may check to ensure that your computer is running a licensed copy of Microsoft Excel.

Biweekly Time Sheet Template Features

Keep these points in mind when using the biweekly time sheet template:

  • Do Not write in column L, row 28, or row 30, on the template. The Total column (column L), the Total hours row (row 28), and the Total pay row (row 30) all contain formulas that calculate the number of hours worked per day, the number of hours worked per week, and the total pay owed to the employee.

  • Similarly, do not write in column D or cell K7. There are formulas in these locations that add in the dates for the two week period of the time sheet.

  • To add the dates mentioned above, enter the starting date for the two week period in cell K6. The rest of the dates will be added automatically.

  • The time sheet is designed so that all details of the time sheet, such as company name, employee name, manager's name as well as the hours worked and rate of pay can be typed in beside the appropriate heading before the sheet is printed.

  • If you have information that does not change from pay period to pay period - such as the company name - you can save time by entering all the unchanging information and then saving the time sheet as a separate template using Excel's own template creating feature.

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