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Excel Tips

How to Use Excel's Formatting and Charting Features


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Excel Tips

Microsoft Excel has so many features and it can do so much, that sometimes it's hard to know where to start.

This list of Excel tips will give you straightforward answers on how to carry out a variety of tasks. Examples are included to make understanding the steps involved even easier to follow. The list keeps growing so check back often to see what new Excel tips have been added.

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Excel Formatting Tips

How to Use Excel's AutoFormat Option

Formatting a spreadsheet effectively can make the most important information on the spreadsheet stand out from the rest of the data. This tip shows you how to use one of the 17 AutoFormat styles available in Excel to give your spreadsheets a professional look that makes them easy to read.

How to Use Excel's Format Painter Option

This tip shows you how to quickly copy formatting from one cell or group of cells to another part of the spreadsheet using the format painter in Excel. The format painter is very useful when you are extending a spreadsheet to accommodate new data and you need to format the new cells to match the original data area.

Changing the Sheet Tab Color in Excel

In Microsoft Excel 2003 it is possible to color code the tabs of worksheets. This tip show you just how this is done. Changing the color of worksheets tabs containing related information can make it easier to navigate through very large worksheets.

Add and Delete Columns and Rows in Excel

It's a rare occasion when a spreadsheet doesn’t need a change of layout before it is finished. This tip will show you how, with a click of the mouse, you can easily add that extra column or delete those unwanted rows.

Excel Chart Tips

Creating a Custom Excel Chart

If you have created a chart in Excel, complete with custom formatting, that you would like to use again with other charts save it as a custom chart type. Step by step instructions on creating a custom chart type in Excel.

Changing Excel's Default Chart Type

If you don't like the default Excel chart type you can change it. This article shows you how to change the default chart type in Excel.

One Touch Excel Charts

You can create an Excel Chart with one keystroke. If you ever need a chart in a hurry or you just want to check on certain trends in your data, you can quickly create a chart in Excel that uses all the default chart settings.

How Do You Use Excel's Flowchart Template?

Among the templates offered for free by Microsoft is one for creating simple flowcharts in Excel. The template works in all versions from Excel 97 on. A flowchart is a graphical representation of a process. This tip walks through how to download and use the flowchart template from Microsoft.

Other Excel Tips

Show Excel Toolbars on Two Rows

The default setting for Excel toolbars is to display them on a single row, thereby hiding many of the toolbar buttons. This tip show you how easy it is to change the default settings to show Excel toolbars on two rows.

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