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Sum Data in Excel Using Shortcut Keys


Enter the SUM Function Using Shortcut Keys
Excel SUM Function Shortcut Keys

Excel SUM Function Shortcut Keys

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Sum Data in Excel Using Shortcut Keys

This tip covers how to quickly enter Excel's SUM function to add up data using shortcut keys on the keyboard.

The key combination to enter the SUM function is:

" Alt " + " = "

Example: Entering the SUM Function using Shortcut Keys

  1. Enter the following data into cells D1 to D3 of an Excel worksheet: 5, 6, 7

  2. If necessary, click on cell D4 to make it the active cell

  3. Press and hold down the Alt key on the keyboard

  4. Press and release the equal sign ( = ) on the keyboard without releasing the Alt key

  5. Release the Alt key

  6. The SUM function should be entered into cell D4 with the range D1:D3 highlighted as the function's argument

  7. Press the Enter key on the keyboard to complete the function

  8. The answer 18 should appear in cell D4

  9. When you click on cell D4 the complete function =SUM( D1 : D3 ) appears in the formula bar above the worksheet.

This shortcut can be used to sum data in rows as well as columns.

Note: The SUM is designed to be entered at the bottom of a column of data or at the right end of a row of data .

If the SUM function is entered into a location other than these two, the range of cells selected as the function's argument may be incorrect.

To change the selected range, use the mouse pointer to highlight the correct range before pressing the Enter key to complete the function

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