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Save in Excel Using Shortcut Keys


Excel Save Shortcut Keys
Excel Save Shortcut Keys

Excel Save Shortcut Keys

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Excel Save Shortcut Keys

This Excel tip covers how to quickly save data using a shortcut keys on the keyboard in Excel.

The key combination that can be used to save data is:

Ctrl + S

Example: Using Shortcut Keys to Save a Worksheet

  1. Press and hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard

  2. Press and release the letter ( S ) key on the keyboard without releasing the Ctrl key

  3. Release the Ctrl key

First Time Save

If you have previously saved the worksheet the only indication that Excel is saving your file may be the mouse pointer changes briefly into an hourglass icon and then back to the normal white plus sign.

The length of time the hourglass icon remains visible depends on the amount of data Excel must save. The greater the amount of data to save, the longer the hourglass icon will be visible.

If you are saving a worksheet for the first time the Save As dialog box will open.

When a file is saved for the first time two pieces of information must be specified in the Save As dialog box:

  • the name of the file (up to 255 characters including spaces)
  • the location (folder) where the file will be stored

Save Frequently

Since using the Ctrl + S shortcut keys is such an easy way to save data it is a good idea to save frequently - at least every five minutes - to avoid loss of data in the event of a computer crash.

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