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Type on Multiple Lines in a Single Cell

Use Shortcut Keys to Wrap Text in Excel


Excel Shortcut Keys - Wrap Text

Excel Shortcut Keys - Wrap Text

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This tutorial covers how to type on multiple lines within a single worksheet cell.

The "technical" term for this feature is wrapping text and the key combination for wrapping text is:

 Alt  + Enter    

Example: Using Shortcut Keys to Wrap Text

To use Excel's wrap text feature using just the keyboard:

  1. Click on the cell where you want the text to be located

  2. Type the first line of text

  3. Press and hold down the Alt key on the keyboard

  4. Press and release the Enter key on the keyboard without releasing the Alt key

  5. Release the Alt key

  6. The insertion point should move to the line below the text just entered

  7. Type the second line of text

  8. If you wish to enter more than two lines of text, continue to press Alt + Enter at the end of each line

  9. When all the text has been entered, press the Enter key on the keyboard or click with the mouse to move to another cell

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