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Excel How To Videos

These short instructional videos cover how to complete a variety of tasks in Excel such using VLOOKUP and the IF function, freezing panes, and creating a macro with the macro recorder. Each video includes a transcript of the video's contents.

Overview of the Parts of an Excel Screen
This video describes the layout and function of the different elements of an Excel worksheet.

How to Use the VLOOKUP Function in Excel
Excel’s VLOOKUP function can be used to retrieve specific information from a table of data based on criteria that you set.

Overview of IF Functions in Excel
Excel’s IF function can be used to determine if a specified condition is true or false. The function also lets you determine the outcomes for each condition.

How to Create a Dropdown Menu in Excel
A drop down menu lets you limit the data that can be entered into specific cells.

How to Freeze and Unfreeze Panes in Excel
Freeze panes prevents column and row headings from disappearing off screen as you scroll in a large worksheet.

How to Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide in Excel
Learn how to create basic mathematical formulas in Excel

How to Create a Line Graph in Excel
A line graph can be used to display a variety of data such as stock price changes or monthly precipitation amounts.

Overview of Conditional Formatting in Excel
Conditional formatting lets you implement formatting options such as changing font or cell color when your data meets specific conditions that you choose.

How to Create a Macro Using the Macro Recorder in Excel
A macro lets you automate a series of repetitive steps such as applying formatting options or adding specific information to each worksheet.

Excel AVERAGEIFS Function Step by Step Tutorial
The AVERAGEIFS function extends the usefulness of the AVERAGEIF function by allowing you to set conditions on two or more ranges of data rather than just one as in AVERAGEIF.

How to Insert and Delete Columns and Rows in Excel
Adding and removing columns and rows makes it easy to accommodate new data or to update a worksheet by removing large amounts of information in one step.

Overview of Using Excel Formulas
Knowing how to create and use formulas to perform calculations is essential to getting the most out of Excel.

Free Online Excel Training
This free online Excel training consists of free email courses that offer you training in a number of Excel topics. The free training includes beginners tutorials and data management in Excel.

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