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Excel COUNTIFS Function Step by Step Tutorial


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Entering the Criteria2 Argument
Excel COUNTIFS Function Step by

Excel COUNTIFS Function Step by Step Tutorial

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Entering the Criteria2 Argument and Completing the COUNTIFS Function

In this tutorial the second criteria we are looking to match is if data in the range E3:E9 is greater than 250 sales orders.

As with the Criteria1 argument, we will enter the cell reference to Criteria2's location into the dialog box rather than the data itself.

Tutorial Steps

For help with these instructions, click on the image above.

  1. Click on the Criteria2 line in the dialog box.

  2. Click on cell E12 to enter that cell reference. The function will search the range selected in the previous step for data that matches this criteria.

  3. Click OK to complete the COUNTIFS function and close the dialog box.

  4. An answer of zero ( 0 ) will appear in cell F12 - the cell where we entered the function - because we have not yet added the data to the Criteria1 and Criteria2 fields (C12 and D12). Until we do, there is nothing for COUNTIFS to count and so the total stays at zero.

  5. The search criteria will be added in the next step of the tutorial.

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