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Excel SUMIFS Function Step by Step Tutorial


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How the SUMIFS Function Works
Excel SUMIFS Function Tutorial

Excel SUMIFS Function Tutorial

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How the SUMIFS Function Works

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The SUMIFS function extends the usefulness of the SUMIF function by allowing you to specify from 2 to 127 criteria rather than just one as in SUMIF.

Normally, SUMIFS works with rows of data called records. In a record, all of the data in each cell or field in the row is related - such as a company's name, address and phone number.

SUMIFS looks for specific criteria in two or more fields in the record and only if it finds a match for each field specified is the data for that record summed up.

SUMIFS Function Step by Step Tutorial

In the SUMIF step by step tutorial we matched the single criterion of sales agents who had sold more than 250 orders in a year.

In this tutorial we will set two conditions using SUMIFS - that of sales agents in the East sales region who had fewer than 275 sales in the past year.

Setting more than two conditions can be done by specifying additional Criteria_range and Criteria arguments for SUMIFS.

Following the steps in the tutorial topics below walks you through creating and using the SUMIFS function seen in the image above.

Tutorial Topics

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