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Excel SUMIF Function Step by Step Tutorial


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How the SUMIF Function Works
Excel SUMIF Function Tutorial

Excel SUMIF Function Tutorial

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How the SUMIF Function Works

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The SUMIF function combines the IF function and SUM function in Excel. This combination allows you to add up those values in a selected range of data that meets specific criteria.

The IF portion of the function determines what data meets the specified criteria and the SUM part does the addition.

Normally, SUMIF is used with rows of data called records. In a record, all of the data in each cell in the row is related - such as a company's name, address and phone number.

SUMIF looks for the specific criteria in one cell or field in the record and, if it finds a match, it adds that data or data in another specified field in the same record.

SUMIF Function Step by Step Tutorial

This tutorial uses a set of data records and the SUMIF function to find the total yearly sales for Sales Reps who have sold more than 250 orders.

Following the steps in the tutorial topics below walks you through creating and using the SUMIF function seen in the image above to calculate total yearly sales.

Tutorial Topics

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