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Excel AVERAGEIF Function Step by Step Tutorial


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Entering the Criteria Argument
Entering the Criteria Argument

Entering the Criteria Argument

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Entering the Criteria Argument

In this example if data in the range C3:C12 equals East then the total sales for that record is to be averaged by the function.

Although actual data - such as the word East can be entered into the dialog box for this argument it is usually best to add the data to a cell in the worksheet and then enter that cell reference into the dialog box.

Tutorial Steps

For help with these instructions, click on the image above.

  1. Click on the Criteria line in the dialog box.

  2. Click on cell D12 to enter that cell reference. The function will search the range selected in the previous step for data that matches this criteria.

  3. The search term (East) will be added to cell D12 in the last step of the tutorial.

Cell References Increase Function Versatility

If a cell reference, such as D12, is entered as the Criteria Argument, the AVERAGE IF function will look for matches to whatever data has been typed into that cell in the worksheet.

So after finding the average sales for the East region it will be easy to find the average sales for another sales region simply by changing East to North or West. The function will automatically update and display the new result.

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