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OpenOffice Calc Formulas Tutorial


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OpenOffice Calc Formula Tutorial: Step 3 of 3
OpenOffice Calc Formula Tutorial

OpenOffice Calc Formula Tutorial

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OpenOffice Calc Formula Tutorial: Step 3 of 3

Following the equal sign, we add in the cell references of the cells containing our data.

By using the cell references of our data in the formula, the formula will automatically update the answer if the data in cells C1 and C2 changes.

The best way of adding cell references is by using the mouse to point and click on the correct cell. This method allows you to click with your mouse on the cell containing your data to add its cell reference to the formula.

After the equal sign added in step 2

  1. Click on cell C1 with the mouse pointer.

  2. Type a plus ( + ) sign.

  3. Click on cell C2 with the mouse pointer.

  4. Press the ENTER key on the keyboard.

  5. The answer 5 should appear in cell C3.

  6. Click on cell C3. The formula is shown in the input line above the worksheet.

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