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Google Spreadsheet Formula Tutorial


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Google Spreadsheet Step by Step Formula Tutorial
Google Spreadsheets Formula Tutorial

Google Spreadsheets Formula Tutorial

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Google Spreadsheet Formula Tutorial - Overview

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This tutorial covers the steps to creating and using formulas in a Google Docs Spreadsheet. It is intended for those with little or no experience in working with spreadsheet programs.

A Google Docs Spreadsheet formula allows you to perform calculations on data entered into the spreadsheet.

You can use a formula for basic number crunching, such as addition or subtraction, as well as more complex calculations such as payroll deductions or averaging a student's test results.

In addition, if you change the data the spreadsheet will automatically recalculate the answer without you having to re-enter the formula.

Following the step by step instructions on the following pages covers how to create and use a basic formula in a Google Doc Spreadsheet.

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