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Open Office Calc Basic Spreadsheet Tutorial


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Changing cell background color
Basic Open Office Calc Spreadsheet Tutorial

Basic Open Office Calc Spreadsheet Tutorial

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Open Office Calc Formatting - Changing cell background color

Note: For help on these steps, refer to the image above. As well, if you place your mouse over an icon on a toolbar, the icon's name will be displayed.

  1. Drag select cells A2 - D2 on the spreadsheet.

  2. Click on the Background Color icon on the Formatting toolbar (looks like a paint can) to open the background color drop down list.

  3. Choose Sea Blue from the list to change the background color of cells A2 - D2 to blue.

  4. Drag select cells A8 - D8 on the spreadsheet.

  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3.

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