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Open Office Calc Basic Spreadsheet Tutorial


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Adding the Date and a Range Name
Basic Open Office Calc Spreadsheet Tutorial

Basic Open Office Calc Spreadsheet Tutorial

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Adding the Date in Open Office Calc

Note: For help on these steps, refer to the image above.

It is normal to add the date to a spreadsheet. Built into Open Office Calc are a number of DATE functions that can be used to do this. In this tutorial we will use the TODAY function.

  1. Click on cell C4.

  2. Type = TODAY ( )

  3. Press the ENTER key on the keyboard.

  4. The current date should appear in cell C4

Adding a Range Name in Open Office Calc

  1. Select cell C6 in the spreadsheet.

  2. Click on the Name Box.

  3. Type "rate" (no quotes) in the Name Box.

  4. Cell C6 now has the name of "rate". We will use the name to simplify creating formulas in the next step.

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