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Review of Google Docs Spreadsheets

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The Bottom Line

Creating basic spreadsheets is easy with the new Google Docs Spreadsheets. No purchase is necessary and no installation is required. All you need is an Internet connection, a Google Account, and a web browser.

The program is easy to use; the working screen is uncluttered; and the many options simple to find.

Google Docs Spreadsheets can be shared and edited over the Internet making them ideal for colleagues wishing to collaborate on a project without having to coordinate their schedules.


  • Free to those with Internet access
  • Compatible with Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files
  • Most commonly used spreadsheet features are available


  • You cannot print directly from the program
  • You cannot create graphs or charts


  • Accessible from any Internet-connected computer
  • Online storage and sharing of files
  • Shared access and editing in real time

Guide Review - Review of Google Docs Spreadsheets

In addition to offering users most of the common features available in other spreadsheet programs, Google Docs Spreadsheets also offer specific online benefits - sharing spreadsheet documents, online storage, and shared, real time editing over the Internet.

To create a basic spreadsheet, simply log in with your Google account (create one on the site if necessary) and go to work.

On the site you can create a new spreadsheet, work on an existing file stored on the Google site, or upload one from your computer.

Just as in Excel, formulas can be created to perform calculations. There is also an extensive list of built-in functions to use.

Common formatting options are available to improve the look of your spreadsheet - colors can be changed, number formatting applied, borders added, and font size and style can be altered.

When it comes to saving your work, you can save it to your Google account or download the file to your computer.

Two shortcomings in Google Docs Spreadsheets

  • You can’t print a spreadsheet directly – you must save it as an html file and print through your web browser, or download the spreadsheet to your computer for printing.

  • Creating graphs is not an option. This could be an annoyance if graphs are important to clarify information on your spreadsheet.

Overall though, Google Docs Spreadsheets is simple and straightforward to use. It is ideal for the average user wanting to create a spreadsheet and certainly worth trying out.

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