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Beginners Guide to Microsoft Works Spreadsheets

How to Use Microsoft Works Spreadsheets


Microsoft Works Spreadsheets is a low cost alternative to Microsoft's best selling Excel spreadsheets program.

Beginners Guide to Microsoft Works Spreadsheets is a series of tutorials and articles designed with the absolute beginner in mind.

These tutorials will show you how create and use Microsoft Works Spreadsheets. The topics covered are:

Parts of the Microsoft Works Spreadsheet Screen

This article identifies the main parts of the Microsoft Works spreadsheet work area. There are links to glossary items describing various parts in greater detail.

Entering Data into Microsoft Works Spreadsheets

This article covers basics steps to follow when creating a Microsoft Works spreadsheet.

Topics covered:
  • entering data into a Works spreadsheet

  • the importance of planning your spreadsheet

  • widening columns

  • the types of data that can be entered into Microsoft Works spreadsheets

  • editing a spreadsheet to change or update data.

Microsoft Works Spreadsheets Formulas

Formulas in MS Works Spreadsheets are one of the most useful features of the program. Once you learn the basic steps of creating a formula, MS Works does all the calculations for you.

Microsoft Works Task Launcher

This tip shows you how to open a template or blank Microsoft Works Spreadsheet from the Microsoft Works Task Launcher. The article covers using the quick launch icon and the programs icon available in the Task Launcher.

Convert Microsoft Works Spreadsheets to Excel

This article shows you how to easily convert your Microsoft Works spreadsheets to Excel.

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