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Microsoft Works Spreadsheets

Microsoft Works Spreadsheets has the features most commonly used in other spreadsheets. This list of articles gives you straightforward instructions on how to carry out a variety of tasks in Microsoft Works Spreadsheets. Examples are included to make understanding the steps involved even easier to follow.

Microsoft Works Spreadsheet Screen
This labeled picture shows the main parts of a Microsoft Works spreadsheet work area. Components include the active cell, column letter, row number, formula bar and zoom control.

Entering Data in Microsoft Works Spreadsheets
Microsoft Works Spreadsheets Tutorial. Topics covered include planning the spreadsheet, cells and cell references, data types, widening columns and editing cells.

Basic Microsoft Works Spreadsheets Tutorial
This tutorial covers creating a basic spreadsheet in Microsoft Works. The topics covered include how to enter data, using formulas and functions, and formatting the spreadsheet.

Microsoft Works Task Launcher
This tip shows you how to open a template or blank Microsoft Works Spreadsheet from the Microsoft Works Task Launcher. The article covers using the quick launch icon and the programs icon available in the Task Launcher.

MS Works Spreadsheets Formulas
Formulas in MS Works Spreadsheets are one of the most useful features of the program. Once you learn the basic steps of creating a formula, MS Works does all the calculations for you.

Convert Microsoft Works Spreadsheets to Excel
This tip shows you how to easily convert your Microsoft Works spreadsheets to Excel.

Beginners Guide to Microsoft Works Spreadsheets
Beginners Guide to Microsoft Works Spreadsheets is a series of articles and tutorials for the absolute beginner. Learn about the parts of the Microsoft Works Spreadsheets screen, how to enter data, how to use formulas and functions in spreadsheets, adding and removing columns and rows, how to create charts, and how to use the program's format options.

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