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Excel Two Way Lookup Using VLOOKUP Part 1


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Creating a Named Range for the Data Table
Creating a Named Range in Excel

Creating a Named Range in Excel

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Creating a Named Range

A named range is an easy way to refer to a range of data in a formula. Rather than typing in the cell references for the data, you can just type the name of the range.

A second advantage for using a named range is that the cell references for this range never change even when the formula is copied to other cells in the worksheet.

Tutorial Steps

  1. Highlight cells D5 to G8 in the worksheet to select them

  2. Click on the Name Box located above column A

  3. Type "table" (no quotes) in the Name Box

  4. Press the ENTER key on the keyboard

  5. Cells D5 to G8 now have the range name of "table". We will use the name for the VLOOKUP table array argument later in the tutorial

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