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Excel Nested IF Function Step by Step Tutorial


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Starting the Nested IF Function
Starting the Nested IF Function

Starting the Nested IF Function

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Starting the Nested IF Function

The nested IF function will be entered into the Value_if_false line of the dialog box.

Normally, the Value_if_false argument tells the IF function what to do if the Logical Test is false.

In this tutorial, however, we still have two deduction levels left to deal with:

  • employees with a salary between $30,000 and $49,999
  • and those with a salary greater than or equal to $50,000

And we can only give the IF function one instruction per argument.

To get around this problem, we use a second IF function with a Logical test that will break down the two remaining deduction levels into separate groups.

As mentioned at the beginning of the tutorial, we cannot open a second dialog box to enter the second set of arguments for the nested function so the nested IF function must be typed into the Value_if_false line.

Tutorial Steps

  1. Click on the Value_if_false line in the dialog box.

  2. Type the word if followed by an open round bracket " ( " (no quotes).

  3. At this point, the nested IF function on the Value_if_false line should read:
    if (

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