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Excel Nested IF Function Step by Step Tutorial


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Starting the First IF Function
Starting the First IF Function

Starting the First IF Function

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Opening the IF Function Dialog Box

When entering a function into a cell in a worksheet, most people use the dialog box to enter the function's arguments.

While this is a straightforward task for a regular function, it becomes a bit trickier when entering nested functions because the nested function must be typed in. We cannot open a second dialog box to enter the second set of arguments for the nested function.

In this tutorial, the nested IF function will be entered into the third line of the dialog box - the Value_if_false argument.

Since we are calculating the annual deduction for several employees, we will setup the IF function so that the same function can be used for all employees. This will be done by first entering the function into one cell F7 and then copying it to cells F8:F11.

Tutorial Steps

  1. Click on cell F7 to make it the active cell. This is where we will enter the IF function.

  2. Click on the Formulas tab.

  3. Click on the Logical icon on the ribbon to open the Logical function drop down list.

  4. Click on IF in the list to bring up the IF function's dialog box.

The data that we enter into the blank lines in the dialog box form the arguments of the IF function.

These arguments tell the function what condition we are testing and what actions to take depending on whether the condition is true or not.

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