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Excel IF Functions

The IF function is one of Excel’s most useful and most used functions. What it does is test to see whether a certain condition is true or false. These tutorials cover creating and using the IF function in Excel spreadsheets and give examples of how this versatile function can be utilized.

The IF Function
Excel's IF function can be used to determine if a specified condition is true or false. The function will return different data depending on the answer.

Nested IF Functions in Excel
Nesting IF functions in Excel allow you to test for multiple conditions in your data and assign different actions depending upon the results.

The SUMIF Function
The SUMIF function is used to sum up the number of cells in a selected range that meet certain criteria.

The SUMIFS Function
Excel's SUMIFS function adds up the data in selected cells when specific criteria are met in two or more ranges of data. A step by step example of using the SUMIFS function is included.

The COUNTIF Function
Excel's COUNTIF function is used to count the number of data records in a selected range that meet a single criteria.

The COUNTIFS Function
Excel's COUNTIFS function is used to count the number of data records in a selected range that meet two or more specified criteria.

IF Function Comparison Operators
The logic test section of an Excel IF function is always a comparison between two values. To accomplish this, a comparison operator, such as the greater than symbol ( > ), is always placed between the two amounts being compared. This article is a handy list of the different comparison operators that can be used in Excel IF functions.

Excel IF Function
One of the most useful functions in Excel is the IF function. What it does is test a value in a specific cell to see if that value meets a certain condition. If it does, one result will happen, if not, a different action can occur. This article covers how to write an IF function.

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