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Excel 2003 Videos

Watch these training videos on various aspects of Microsoft Excel 2003. Through live screencasts, experts will show you how you can use a variety of features in Excel. A full transcript is provided so you can follow the training videos on your own.

Create Excel Pivot Tables
A pivot table is a reporting tool that sorts, counts, and sums the data from a spreadsheet, database, or other external data source. The pivot table is a second table that displays the summarized data.

How to Make Charts in Microsoft Excel
This tutorial covers how to apply a number of formatting options to charts and graphs in Excel 2003. This tutorial includes an example of using formatting options for Excel charts and graphs.

Find and Replace in Microsoft Excel
Get some help navigating large spreadsheets with the find and replace function in Microsoft Excel. You can also use it to check for duplicates.

Create Borders and Shading in Excel
Borders and shading not only add aesthetic presentation to your spreadsheet data, but they can help make your spreadsheets easier to read.

Hide Information in Microsoft Excel
In some cases, you may not want to display certain information on your Excel spreadsheet. You can simply hide information in specific rows, columns, and even cells. See how it's done!

Export Data From an Excel Sheet to a Word Document
Copying Excel cells into a Word document is just one way to transfer data between the two programs. Find out how to easily export data from Microsoft Excel to Word.

Excel Auto SUM Function
Learn how to use the SUM and Auto SUM functions in Microsoft Excel. These features help you to easily add up rows or columns of data.

Excel Lists- Remove Duplicates
Use Conditional Formatting to find Duplicate Data in Excel database files and other long lists of data.

Merge Spreadsheets in Excel
Learn how to merge spreadsheets and automatically update them when you change the individual files.

How to Adjust Tabs in Microsoft Excel
One way to make your multi-page spreadsheets easier to work with is to format the sheet tabs. Formatting options for sheet tabs include renaming a tab, changing the tab color as well as adding, deleting and reordering sheets.

Excel Sort - How to Sort Information in Microsoft Excel
Learn how to manage large amounts of data. Sorting data not only helps you to keep it organized, but it makes it easier to find exactly the data you are looking for.

Add Images to Excel
Trying to add some life to an otherwise dull presentation? Learn how to add images to Excel spreadsheets.

Absolute vs. Relative Cell References in Excel
This video includes a definition and description of both relative and absolute references in Excel. The video include an example of using relative and absolute references in Excel formulas.

Goal seeking AV Tutorial
Goal Seeking is a useful Excel command for asking "what if" type questions by varying the data in a formula to achieve different results. This site has a very clear and straightforward Audio Visual tutorial that takes you through a step by step example of using Goal Seeking.

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