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Freeze Panes in Excel 2003


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Using Excel Auto Fill
Using the fill handle to add data

Using the fill handle to add data

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Using Excel Auto Fill

To make our freeze pane demonstration a little more dramatic, we will quickly enter some data using Auto Fill so that the effect of freezing panes is easier to see.

Note: The tutorial Customizing Excel Auto Fill shows you how to add your own lists to Auto Fill.

  1. Type "January" in cell D3 and press the ENTER key on the keyboard.

  2. Select cell D3 and use the fill handle in the bottom right corner of cell D3 to auto fill the months of the year ending with October in cell M3.

  3. Type "Monday" in cell C4 and press the ENTER key.

  4. Select cell C4 and use the fill handle to auto fill the days of the week ending with Tuesday in cell C12.

  5. Type a number "1" in cell D4 and a "2" in cell D5.

  6. Select both cells D4 and D5.

  7. Use the fill handle in cell D5 to auto fill down to cell D12

  8. Release the mouse button.

  9. Use the fill handle in cell D12 to auto fill across to cell M12.
The numbers 1 to 9 should fill columns D to M.

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