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Excel Split Options


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Split the Excel Screen with the Split Box
Using the Split Box in Excel

Using the Split Box in Excel

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View Multiple Copies of a Worksheet

Note: The Split box has been removed in Excel 2013. The option of using View > Split to split the screen is still available.

Use the split box in Excel to split the screen vertically and/or horizontally into sections allowing you to see multiple copies of a worksheet.

Splitting the screen is an alternative to freeze panes to keep worksheet titles or headings on screen as you scroll.

In addition, split screens can be used to compare two rows or columns of data located in different parts of the worksheet.

Excel Split Screen Options

There are two ways to use split screens in Excel:

  • Use the split box located at the top of the vertical scroll bar (horizontal split) or the far right end of the horizontal scroll bar (vertical split) to divide the screen into two parts

  • Use the split option located on the View tab of the ribbon to divide the screen into four parts (see page 2)

Example: Split Screens with the Split Box

As can be seen in the image above, we will split the excel screen horizontally using the split box located at the top of the vertical scroll bar.

Using the split box rather than the split option located under the View tab allows you to split the screen in one direction only - which is what most users want.

Adding the Data

  1. Add several rows of data - such as the data seen in the image above - to a worksheet

  2. Remember you can use the fill handle to auto fill the days of the week and sequential column headings such as Sample1, Sample2 etc.

Splitting the Screen Horizontally

  1. Place the mouse pointer over the split box above the vertical scroll bar

  2. The mouse pointer will change to a double - headed black arrow when you are over the split box

  3. When the mouse pointer changes, click and hold down the left mouse button

  4. A dark horizontal line should appear above row one of the worksheet

  5. Drag the mouse pointer downward

  6. The dark horizontal line should follow the mouse pointer

  7. When the mouse pointer is below the row of column headings in the worksheet release the left mouse button

  8. A horizontal split bar should appear in the worksheet where the mouse button was released

  9. Above and below the split bar should be two copies of the worksheet

  10. There should also be two vertical scroll bars on the right side of the screen

  11. Use the two scroll bars to position the data so that the column headings are visible above the split bar and the rest of the data below it

  12. The position of the split bar can be changed as often as needed

Removing Split Screens

You have two options for removing split screens:

  1. Click on the split box on the right hand side of the screen and drag it back to the top of the worksheet

  2. Click on the View >Split icon to turn off the split screen feature

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