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Save Excel Files as PDF Files


Save Excel Files as PDF Files
Save Excel Files as PDF

Save Excel Files as PDF

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Save Excel Files as PDF

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One of the features first introduced in Excel 2010 is the ability to save Excel spreadsheets as PDF files. A PDF file (Portable Document Format) allows others to view documents without needing the original program - like Excel installed on their computer. Instead, users can open the file with a free pdf reader program.

A PDF file also allows you to let others view spreadsheet data without giving them the opportunity to change it.

  1. Open an Excel file that you want to save as a PDF file.

  2. Click on the File tab of the ribbon to view the available menu options.

  3. Click on Save As option to open the Save As dialog box.

  4. Choose a location for saving the file under the Save In line at the top of the dialog box.

  5. Type a name for the file under the File name line at the bottom of the dialog box.

  6. Click on the down arrow at the end of the Save as type line at the bottom of the dialog box to open the drop down menu.

  7. Scroll through the list to find the PDF (*.pdf) option located third from the bottom in the list of available file types.

  8. Click on the PDF (*.pdf) option to make it appear in the Save as type line of the dialog box.

  9. Once you have chosen to save the file in PDF format, an Options button appears in the Save As dialog box.

  10. The Options button gives you a number of choices regarding what information and data is saved in PDF format.

  11. By default, all pages of the current or active sheet will be saved in pdf format.

  12. If you wish to adjust which pages and / or sheets of your workbook are saved in PDF format click on the Options button to open the Options dialog box.

  13. Make the necessary changes and then click OK to return to the Save As dialog box.

  14. Click the Save button in the Save As dialog box to save the file and return to your Excel file.

  15. Remember, to view the saved PDF file you will need to have a PDF file reader program installed on your computer.

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