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Convert Excel Files to PDF Format

Convert Excel Files to PDF in Excel 2010 Using the Save and Send Option


Convert Excel Files to PDF Format

Convert Excel Files to PDF Format

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One of the new features in Excel 2010 is the ability to convert Excel files to PDF format. A PDF file (Portable Document Format) allows others to view documents without needing the original program - like Excel installed on their computer. Instead, users can open the file with a free pdf reader program.

A PDF file also allows you to let others view data in a spreadsheet, without giving them the opportunity to change it.

Convert Excel Files to PDF Using the Save and Send Option

There are several methods for converting Excel files to PDF format in Excel 2010. In this tutorial we will look at using the Save and Send option located under the File tab of the ribbon.

The Save and Sendoption gives you two choices for creating a PDF document:

  1. Save all or a portion of a workbook in PDF format.
  2. Email a copy of the entire workbook without saving it first.

Save Excel Files to PDF Format

For help with these steps, see the image to the above.

  1. Open an Excel file that you want to convert to PDF format.

  2. Click on the File tab of the ribbon to view the available options.

  3. Click on Save and Send in the menu to view the options available.

  4. Click on Create PDF / XPS Document under the File Types options.

  5. Click on the Create a PDF / XPS button on the right hand side of the window to open the Publish as PDF or XPS dialog box.

  6. Even though Microsoft call this publishing the document in pdf format, you are in fact just saving the file.

  7. As with any other file being saved, you can specify a file name and a location before publishing the file.

  8. If you publish the file as is, only the current worksheet will be published.

  9. To publish multiple sheets in the worksheet, highlight the tabs of the worksheets to publish before creating the pdf file.

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