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How to Use the Excel Clipboard

Use the Clipboard to Copy Multiple Items in Excel


Using the Clipboard in Excel

Using the Clipboard in Excel

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The office clipboard in Excel is an extension of the Windows clipboard. While the Windows clipboard holds only the last item copied, the office clipboard can hold up to 24 different entries.

These entries can be pasted into a worksheet as needed to simplify entering frequently used data.

The office clipboard provides a way around the limitations of autocomplete feature, which stops working whenever a blank cell is left during data entry.

Copying multiple entries to the clipboard

  1. Click on the Home tab of the ribbon.

  2. Click on the clipboard dialog box launcher to open the clipboard viewer - see image above.

  3. The clipboard viewer must be opened first for this procedure to work.

  4. Click on the first entry to be copied.

  5. Click on the copy command on the Home tab of the ribbon directly above the clipboard dialog box launcher.

  6. The first entry should be visible in the clipboard viewer.

  7. Click on the second entry to be copied.

  8. Click on the copy command.

  9. Both the first and second entries should be visible in the clipboard viewer.

  10. Continue adding entries to a maximum of 24. If more than 24 are entered, the first entries are removed from the clipboard viewer.

Copying a data series to the clipboard

If you have a series of data, such as a list of names, that you will be entering repeatedly in the same order into a worksheet, using the clipboard can simplify entering the list.

  1. Drag select the entire list in the worksheet.

  2. Click on the copy command. The list will be set as one entry in the clipboard.

Using the clipboard to add data to a worksheet

  1. Click on the cell in the worksheet where you want the data to be located.

  2. Click on the desired entry in the clipboard viewer to add it to the active cell.

  3. In the case of a data series, when pasted into the worksheet, it will retain the spacing and order of the original list.

  4. If you wish to add all entries to the worksheet, click the Paste All button at the top of the clipboard viewer. Excel will paste each entry into a separate cell in a column starting with the active cell.

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