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Excel HLOOKUP Step by Step Tutorial


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The Lookup Value
Adding the Lookup Value Argument

Adding the Lookup Value Argument

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The Lookup Value

The first argument is the Lookup_value. It tells HLOOKUP about which item in the database we are seeking information. The Lookup_value is located in the first row of the selected range.

The information that HLOOKUP will return is always from the same column of the database as the Lookup_value.

The Lookup_value can be a text string, a logical value (TRUE or FALSE only), a number, or a cell reference to a value.

For this tutorial

Note: For help with these instructions, click on the image above.

  1. Click on the Lookup_value line in the dialog box

  2. Click on cell D2 to add this cell reference to the Lookup_value line. This is the cell where we will type the part name about which we are seeking information.
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