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Excel VLOOKUP Array Formula Tutorial


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The Column Index Number
Excel VLOOKUP Array Formula

Excel VLOOKUP Array Formula

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The Column Index Number Argument

The column index number argument ( Col_index_num ) indicates which column of the Table_array contains the data you are after.

For example:

  • if Col_index_num is set to 2, it returns a value from the second column in Table_array.

  • if you enter a 3 into the Col_index_num, VLOOKUP returns a value from the third column in Table_array;

The purpose of using VLOOKUP in an array formula is to get one VLOOKUP function to return data from multiple columns in the database at the same time. To do this we enter a range of numbers for the Col_index_num surrounded by curly braces: { }

Tutorial Steps

  1. Click on the Col_index_num line in the dialog box.

  2. Type { 2, 3, 4 } in this line to indicate that we want VLOOKUP to return information from the second, third, and fourth columns of the Table_array.

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