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Excel IF Function Step by Step Tutorial


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Entering the Logical Test Argument
Entering the Logical Test Argument

Entering the Logical Test Argument

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Entering the Logical Test Argument

The logical test can be any value or expression that gives you a TRUE or FALSE answer. The data that can be used in this argument are numbers, cell references, the results of formulas, or text data.

In this tutorial we are comparing the value in cell E6 with the threshold salary of $30,000. Between these two amounts we place a comparison operator. Since we want to know if E6 is less than $30,000, we will use the Less Than operator " < " .

A list of the comparison operators that can be used with the IF function can be found in the last step of the tutorial.

Tutorial Steps

  1. Click on the Logical_test line in the dialog box

  2. Click on cell E6 to add this cell reference to the Logical_test line.

  3. Type the less than key " < " on the keyboard.

  4. Type 30000 after the less than symbol.

  5. Note: Do not enter the dollar sign ( $ ) or a comma separator ( , ) with the above amount. An Invalid error message will appear at the end of the Logical_test line if either of these symbols are entered along with the data.

  6. The completed logical test should read: E6

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