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Excel Single Cell Array Formula Step by Step Tutorial


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Creating the Array Formula
Creating the Array Formula

Creating the Array Formula

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Creating the Array Formula

The last step in the tutorial is turning the sum function located in cell F1 into an array formula.

Creating an array formula in Excel is done by pressing the CTRL, SHIFT, and ENTER keys on the keyboard.

The effect of pressing these keys together is to surround the formula with curly braces: { } indicating that it is now an array formula.

Tutorial Steps

For help with these steps see the image above.

  1. Hold down the CTRL and SHIFT keys on the keyboard then press and release the ENTER key to create the array formula.

  2. Release the CTRL and SHIFT keys.

  3. If done correctly cell F1 will contain the number " 71 " as seen in the image above.

  4. When you click on cell F1 the completed array formula { =SUM (D1:D3 * E1:E3) } appears in the formula bar above the worksheet.

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