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Excel Single Cell Array Formula Step by Step Tutorial


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Excel Array Formulas Overivew
Excel Single Cell Array Formula Tutorial

Excel Single Cell Array Formula Tutorial

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Excel Array Formulas Overview

In Excel, an array formula is a formula that carries out calculations on one or more elements in an array.

Array formulas in Excel are surrounded by curly braces "{ } ". These are added to a formula by pressing the CTRL, SHIFT, and ENTER keys after typing the formula into a cell or cells.

Types of Array Formulas

There are two types of array formulas - those that are located in multiple cells in a worksheet (multi cell array formula) and those located in a single cell (single cell array formula).

How a Single Cell Array Formula Works

A single cell array formula differs from regular Excel formulas in that it performs multiple calculations in one cell in a worksheet without the need for nesting functions.

Single cell array formulas normally first carry out a multi cell array calculation - such as multiplication - and then use a function such as or AVERAGE or SUM to combine the output of the array into a single result.

In the image above the array formula first multiplies together those elements in the two ranges D1:D3 and E1:E3 that reside in the same row in the worksheet.

The results of these multiplication operations are then added together by the SUM function.

Another way of writing the above array formula would be:

(D1 * E1) + (D2 * E2) + (D3 * E3)

Single Cell Array Formula Tutorial

The following steps in this tutorial cover creating the single cell array formula seen in the image above.

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