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Excel 2003 AutoSUM

AutoSum is a Shortcut for the SUM Function


Excel 2003  AutoSUM Button

Excel 2003 AutoSUM Button

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Excel 2003 AutoSUM

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The AutoSUM button, located on the Standard Toolbar in Excel 2003, is a shortcut provided for using the SUM function. When you click on the AutoSUM button, the SUM function is entered into the active cell.

To use the AutoSUM button

  1. Click on the cell where you want the answer to appear.

  2. Click on the AutoSUM button.

  3. The function will auto select the closest range of data cells. The selected cells are surrounded by the marching ants.

  4. Check to make sure that the selected range for the function is correct.

  5. If it is correct, press Enter on the keyboard.

  6. If it is incorrect, drag select with the mouse the correct range and then press Enter on the keyboard.

AutoSUM's rules for selecting a range

The order that AutoSUM follows in suggesting a range of data for the function is:

  1. The uninterrupted group of cells containing data above the active cell.

  2. The uninterrupted group of cells containing data to the left of the active cell.

  3. If there is no data in the cells above or to the left, AutoSUM doesn't select a range, but waits for you to do so.

Note: Do not assume that the range that AutoSUM selects is always correct.

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