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Excel AutoMAX

Find the Largest Number in Excel


Find the Largest Number in Excel

Find the Largest Number in Excel

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The AutoMAX function is a shortcut to using Excel's MAX function. It provides a quick way to find the largest number in a list of data in a spreadsheet.

The syntax for AutoMAX is the same as the MAX function.

= MAX ( Number1, Number2, ... Number255 )

Up to 255 numbers can be entered into the function.

Example Find the Largest number in a range of Data

  1. Enter the following data into cells C1 to C6:
    11, 14, 16, 13, 15, 12
  2. Make sure that cell C7 - the location where the results will be displayed is blank

  3. Highlight cells C1 to C6 in the

  4. Click on the Home tab of the ribbon

  5. At the far right end of the ribbon, click on the down arrow beside the AutoSum button on the to open the drop down menu

  6. Click on the word MAX in the menu to enter the MAX function into cell C7

  7. The answer 16 should appear in cell C7 since it is the largest number in the list of data

  8. Click on cell C7 and the complete function = MAX (C1 : C6) appears in the formula bar above the worksheet

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