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Excel ROUND Function

Rounding Numbers in Excel


Excel ROUND Function

Excel ROUND Function

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The ROUND function is used to reduce a given value to a specific number of decimal places.

The syntax for the ROUND function is:

= ROUND ( Number, Num_digits )

Number - the value to be rounded.

Num_digits - the number of decimal places to reduce the above number to.

Example Using Excel's ROUND Function:

In this example the ROUND function will be used to reduce a number to one decimal place.

  1. Enter the following data into cell D1: 34.567

  2. Click on cell C1 in the spreadsheet - this is where the function will be located.

  3. Type " = round ( " in cell C1.

  4. Click on cell D1 in the spreadsheet to enter the data in that cell into the formula.

  5. Type a comma ( , ) followed by the number one ( 1 ) in cell C1 to indicate that the data should be reduced to one decimal place.

  6. Type the closing bracket " ) " .

  7. Press the ENTER key on the keyboard.

  8. The answer 34.6 appears in cell C1.

  9. If you click on cell C1, the complete function = ROUND ( 34.567 , 1 ) appears in the formula bar above the worksheet.

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