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Excel 2003 MIN Function

Find the Smallest Number in Excel


Find the Smallest Number in Excel

Find the Smallest Number in Excel

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Note: These instructions will work for all versions of Excel.

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The MIN function, one of Excel’s statistical functions, is used to find the smallest or minimum value in a given list of numbers or arguments.

The syntax for the MIN function is:

=MIN ( argument1, argument2, ... argument30 )

Argument1, argument2, ... argument30 can be numbers, named ranges, arrays, or cell references. Up to 30 arguments can be entered.

Example: Using Excel's MIN Function

For help with this example, see the image above.

  1. Enter the following data into cells C1 to C6: 114,165,178,143,130,167.

  2. Click on cell C7 - the location where the results will be displayed.

  3. Type “=min(” in cell C7.

  4. Drag select cells C1 to C6 with the mouse pointer.

  5. Type the closing bracket " ) " after the cell range in cell C7.

  6. Press the ENTER key on the keyboard.

  7. The answer 114 appears in cell C7.

  8. The complete function =MIN(C1:C6) appears in the formula bar.

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