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Excel Function Tutorials

Here you will find step by step tutorials on the most useful and most used functions in Excel.The function tutorials are organized according to the headings found under the Formulas tab in Excel.
  1. IF Functions (18)
  2. Count Functions (9)
  3. Date Functions (17)
  4. Logical Functions (6)
  5. Math Functions (16)
  6. Text Functions (28)
  7. Rounding Number Functions (10)
  8. Database Functions (7)
  9. Excel 2003 Functions (14)
  10. Random Number Functions (3)
  11. Trig Functions (5)
  12. Lookup Functions (21)
  13. Statistical Functions (16)
  14. Information Functions (5)
  15. Engineering Functions (1)
  16. Financial Functions (2)

Excel Formulas
This series of Excel tutorials and articles will teach you the basics of using formulas perform basic calculations in Excel spreadsheets.

Excel IF Functions
IF functions are one of the most versatile functions available in Excel and other spreadsheet programs. This Series of Articles covers how to use Excel IF functions as well as uses for the IF function in spreadsheets.

Nested Functions in Excel
How to use nested functions in Excel such as IF, AND, OR, SUM, and ROUND. These tutorials include step by step examples of how to use nested functions in Excel.

Basic Excel 2007 Spreadsheet Tutorial
This tutorial covers creating a basic spreadsheet in Excel 2007. The topics covered include how to enter data, using formulas and functions, and formatting the spreadsheet.

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