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Data Entry in Excel
Excel Data Entry

Excel Data Entry

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Excel Data Entry

Direct data entry spreadsheet is always a three step process. These steps are:

  1. Click on the cell where you want the data to go.

  2. Type your data into the cell.

  3. Press the ENTER key on the keyboard or click on another cell with the mouse to complete the entry and move to another cell.

Tutorial Steps:

For help on these steps, refer to the image above.

To follow this tutorial, enter the data listed below into a blank spreadsheet using the following steps:

  1. Open a blank Excel spreadsheet file.

  2. Select the cell indicated by the cell reference provided.

  3. Type the corresponding data into the selected cell.

  4. Press the ENTER key on the keyboard or click on the next cell in the list with the mouse.

  5. When finished entering the data save your worksheet.

Note: After entering the data, some of it may not be entirely visible because the default cell width is too narrow. This problem will be corrected in a later step in the tutorial.

Cell    Data  
 A2  -  Deduction Calculations for Employees
 A5  -  Name
 A6  -  Smith B.
 A7  -  Wilson C.
 A8  -  Thompson J.
 A9  -  James D.

 B3  -  Deduction Rate:
 B5  -  Yearly Salary
 B6  -  45789
 B7  -  41245
 B8  -  39876
 B9  -  43211

 C3  -  0.06
 C5  -  Bonus
 C6  -  4578.90
 C7  -  4124.50
 C8  -  3987.60
 C9  -  4321.10

 D5  -  Total Salary
 E5  -  Deduction
 F5  -  Net Salary

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