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How to Use Formulas in Excel

Here you will find tutorials covering how to create and use formulas in Excel. Each tutorial includes a step by step example of how to create and use formulas in Excel.

Beginners Excel Formulas Step by Step Tutorial
Excel formulas are one of the most useful features of the program. Once you learn the basic format of creating a formula, Excel does all the calculations for you.

Excel Math: How to Add, Subtract, Divide, and Multiply in Excel
These tutorials cover basic Excel math operations. If you want to know how to add, subtract, multiply, or divide numbers in Excel, these tutorials will show you how.

Excel MIN IF Array Formula Tutorial
The MIN IF array formula is used to find the smallest or minimum value for a given range of data that meets specified conditions. A step by example is included.

Excel MAX IF Array Formula Tutorial
Similar to the MIN IF tutorial above, except this formula finds the largest or maximum value in a selected range.

Find the Largest Positive and Negative Numbers
This tutorial uses the MAX - IF array formula to find the largest positive or negative value for a range of data.

Excel MEDIAN IF Array Formula Tutorial
Another array formula except this tutorial finds the middle value in a selected range of data.

Excel SUM IF Array Formula Tutorial
This tutorial uses nested SUM and IF functions in an array formula to count the instances when one or more conditions are met by the listed data.

Calculate the Percentage of Specific Values in Excel
Find the percentage of yes or no responses in a data range using the COUNTIF and COUNTA functions in Excel. The same formula can be used to find the percentage of any one value - not just yes and no.

Show Formulas in Excel
Show formulas allows you to quickly show all the formulas in your Excel Spreadsheet. Doing so does not change your spreadsheet, just the way it is displayed. Show formulas allows you to quickly and easily check your spreadsheet for errors in your formulas.

Asking "What if" Questions in Excel
"What if" questions involve changing the data used in Excel formulas to give different answers. Asking "What if" questions are very useful in business when planning new projects. Cost projections for different scenarios can be quickly created and the results compared. Read this article for an overview of how you can use Excel formulas to help you answer questions related to your project.

Using Labels in Excel Formulas and Functions
Using labels in formulas and functions in Excel is a easy way to refer to a block of data in an Excel spreadsheet. Labels refer to the data directly under or to the right of a label such as "January". Using labels in a formula or function is often easier then trying to pin point the exact cell references of your data.

Why Use Formulas in Excel Spreadsheets?
One of Excel's most used features is that it allows you to use formulas to perform calculations on your spreadsheet data. You can use Excel formulas for basic number crunching, such as addition or subtraction, as well as more complex calculations such as payroll deductions or a student's average on test results. Read this article to find out more about using formulas in Excel spreadsheets.

Excel Formulas Overview
This tutorial gives an overview of the uses for formulas in Excel and the steps needed to create them.

Excel Undo - Undoing Accidental Changes to a Spreadsheet
This tutorial shows you how to use Excel's Undo feature to quickly get back accidentally deleted data or reverse other changes made to a spreadsheet.

Excel Redo Tutorial
This tutorial covers using Excel's Redo feature to reapply changes to a spreadsheet after they have been removed using Undo.

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