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Basic Formatting in Excel 2003 - Part 1


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Excel Formatting Tutorial - Overview
Free Excel Formatting Tutorial Part 1

Free Excel Formatting Tutorial Part 1

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This two part tutorial on Microsoft Excel formatting covers a variety of formatting options that will help improve the look of your spreadsheets and make them easier to read.

Tutorial Topics

Part 1 of this tutorial covers three areas of formatting available in Microsoft Excel:

  1. number formatting - using percent, comma, date, and currency formatting
  2. cell formatting
  3. text formatting

Part 2 of the tutorial covers changing the alignment of text in a cell. It also covers a number of other Excel features, that, while not formatting, they are commonly used features in Excel that will help to complete the spreadsheet:

  1. adding a range name
  2. adding a formula
  3. using the NOW function to include the current date on the spreadsheet

Shortcuts and Toolbars

The instructions for this tutorial make use of the options found in the Format Cells dialog box. Several of the steps in this tutorial, such as bolding data, can also be accomplished using toolbar buttons on the formatting toolbar or through shortcut keys on the keyboard. If you know these other options, feel free to use them.

Entering Data

Instructions for entering the data, including cell references, are available at the end of this tutorial.

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