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Excel Watermark Step by Step Tutorial


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Insert a Watermark in Excel
Insert a Watermark in Excel

Insert a Watermark in Excel

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Excel Watermark Overview

Excel does not include a true watermark feature, but you can insert an image file into a header or footer to approximate a visible watermark.

In visible watermarking, the information is typically text or a logo which identifies the owner or marks the media in some way.

In the picture above, an image file containing the word Draft was inserted into the header of an Excel worksheet.

Since headers and footers are normally displayed on every page of the workbook, this method of watermarking is an easy way to ensure that a logo or other necessary information is present on all pages.

Watermark Example

The following example covers the steps to follow in Excel necessary to insert an image into a header and position it in the middle of a blank worksheet.

This tutorial does not include steps to follow for creating the image file itself.

An image file containing the word Draft or other similar text can be created in any drawing program such as the Paint program included with the Microsoft Windows operating system.

To get you started, the image file used in this example has the following characteristics:

  • Font: Gills Sans MT
  • Size: 72 point
  • Color: Gray - 25%

Note: Windows Paint does not include an option for rotating the text as seen in the image above.

Page Layout View

Headers and footers are added to a worksheet in Page Layout view.

Up to three headers and three footers can be added to a page using the header and footer boxes which become visible in Page Layout view.

By default, the center header box is selected - this is where the watermark image will be inserted in this tutorial.

Tutorial Steps

  1. Click on the Insert tab of the ribbon

  2. Click on the Header & Footer icon towards the right end of the ribbon

  3. Clicking on this icon switches Excel to Page Layout view and opens a new tab on the ribbon called Header & Footer Tools

  4. On this new tab click on the picture icon to open the Insert Picture dialog box

  5. In the dialog box browse to find the image file that will be inserted into the header

  6. Click on the image file to highlight it

  7. Click on the Insert button to insert the image and close the dialog box

  8. The watermark image is not immediately visible but a &[Picture} code should appear in the center header box of the worksheet

  9. Click on any cell in the worksheet to leave the Header box area

  10. The watermark image should appear near the top of the worksheet

Returning to Normal View

Once you have added the watermark, Excel leaves you in Page Layout view. While it is possible to work in this view, you may want to return to Normal view. To do so:

  1. Click on any cell in the worksheet to leave the header area.

  2. Click on the View tab

  3. Click on the Normal icon in the ribbon

Page 2 of this tutorial includes steps for:

  • repositioning the watermark in the worksheet
  • removing the watermark image
  • replacing the watermark image
  • viewing the watermark in print preview

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