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Add a Custom Footer in Excel

Displaying Specific Information on Every Worksheet Page


Adding a Custom Footer in Excel

Adding a Custom Footer in Excel

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In Excel , a footer is a line of text that prints at the bottom of each page in the spreadsheet.

A footer is used to add information to a spreadsheet before it is printed. Custom footers can be used to add specific information, such as the spreadsheet author, or a description of the worksheet.

A footer can appear in three locations on the spreadsheet - the bottom left corner of each page, the bottom center, and the bottom right corner of each page.

Adding a Custom Footer in Excel 2007 / 2010

In Excel , a custom footer is added in Page layout view.

To add a footer:

  1. Click on the Insert tab.

  2. Click on the Header & Footer option in the ribbon.

  3. The spreadsheet switches to Page layout view.

  4. By default, Page layout view opens with the header section active.

  5. Click on the Go to Footer option on the ribbon.

  6. Three boxes can be seen at the bottom of the worksheet page.

  7. By default, the center box is highlighted.

  8. Click with the mouse on either of the side boxes to change the location of the footer if desired.

  9. Type in the footer information.

Returning to Normal View

Once you have added the custom footer information, Excel leaves you inPage layout view. While it is possible to work in this view, you may want to return to Normal view. To do so:

  1. Click on any cell in the worksheet to leave the footer area.

  2. Click on the View tab.

  3. Click on the Normal option in the ribbon.

Viewing the footer

Footers are not visible in Normal view. To view a footer:

  • Change to Page view:
    1. Click on the View tab.
    2. Click on the Page View option in the ribbon.

  • Change to Print Preview:

    Note: You must have a printer installed on your computer to use Print preview.

    1. In Excel 2007, click on the Office Button.
    2. Choose Print > Print Preview from the drop down menu.
    1. In Excel 2010, click on the File tab of the ribbon.
    2. Click on Print in the menu.
    3. Your worksheet should appear in the preview panel on the right of the screen
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