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Excel Negative Number Format

Format a Negative Number in Excel


Excel Dialog Box Launcher

Excel Dialog Box Launcher

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Excel gives you the option to format negative numbers to display in red rather than displaying the negative sign beside the number.

Displaying negative numbers in a different color can make it easier to find them - especially if they are the results of formulas which may be difficult to track in a large worksheet.

Example: Format a Negative Number in Excel

  1. Enter the following data into cells D1 to D6: -40, 20, -30, 60, -5, 25

  2. Highlight cells D1 to D6

  3. Click on the Home tab of the ribbon

  4. Click on the dialog box launcher for the Number group of the ribbon to open the Format Cells dialog box

  5. Click on Number under the Category section of the dialog box

  6. Set the number of decimal places to zero in the right hand side of the dialog box

  7. Choose the red number (1234) option in the Negative numbers section of the dialog box

  8. Click OK to close the dialog box and return to the worksheet

  9. The data in cells D1, D3, and D5 should now be red in color and without negative signs

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