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Adding/Formatting Borders in Excel

Excel Formatting Tutorial


Add Lines and Borders to Excel

Add Lines and Borders to Excel

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Adding lines and borders is a quick way to format important information in Excel.

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Column totals, blocks of data, or important titles and headings can all be made more visible by the addition of lines and borders.

There are a great many options when it comes to adding and formatting lines and borders:

  • borders can be added to one or all sides of a cell or block of cells
  • different thickness of lines can be used
  • a variety of line styles are available
  • there are a number of colors to choose from

The Borders option is located under the Home tab of the ribbon.

Example of Adding Borders in Excel

For help with this example, see the image above.

  1. Enter the following data into cells C2 to C4:
    456 , 376 , 139

  2. Click on cell C5.

  3. Use AutoSUM feature to quickly sum the data.

  4. Click on cell C4.

  5. Click on the Home tab.

  6. Click on the Borders option on the ribbon to open the drop down list.

  7. Choose Bottom Double Border from the list.

  8. A double line should appear below the data in cell C4.

  9. The double lines indicate that the data in cell C5 is the total of the data in the three cells above.

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