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Excel Pie Chart / Pie Graph Tutorial


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Formatting the Pie Chart - 1
Excel Pie Chart

Excel Pie Chart

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Formatting the Pie Chart - 1

For help with these instructions, see the image example above.

When you click on a chart, three tabs - the Design, Layout, and Format tabs are added to the ribbon under the title of Chart Tools.

Choosing a style for the Pie chart

  1. Click on the pie chart.

  2. Click on the Design tab.

  3. Choose Style 6 of the Chart Styles
. Return to the format options list

Exploding a piece of the pie chart

Note: Exploding a piece of pie out from the rest of the chart is done to emphasize that section.

  1. Click once on the pie chart to highlight it.

  2. Click once on the Peanut Butter slice of the pie chart to select just that piece of the chart.

  3. Click and drag the Peanut Butter slice out from the pie chart to explode it.
Return to the format options list

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