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Excel Sparklines Tutorial


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Creating Sparklines
Excel Sparklines Tutorial

Excel Sparklines Tutorial

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Creating Sparklines

For this tutorial: Create a Line Sparkline

  1. Click on the Insert tab of the ribbon.

  2. Click on the Line sparkline icon to open the Create Sparklines dialog box.

  3. Click in the line next to Data Range in the dialog box.

  4. Drag select cells B3 to E6 in the worksheet to enter the cell references into the data range line.

  5. Click in the line next to Location Range in the dialog box. These are the cells where the sparklines will be located.

  6. Drag select cells F3 to F6 to enter the cell references into the location range line.

  7. Click OK.

  8. Line sparklines should be present in cells F3 to F6. The rise and fall in each sparkline should reflect the increases and decreases in sales over the four months for each cookie type.

Formatting the Sparklines

Since sparklines are so small, the default formatting applied to them by Excel does not always make it easy to follow the highs and lows or pick out trends that may be unique to one sparkline in a group.

In the next step of the tutorial we will apply the following formatting options in order to make the sparklines easier to see and interpret:

  1. add several data points or markers - such as start and end points and high and low points.

  2. Change the line color.

  3. Change the marker color.

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