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Excel Copy and Paste

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Excel Copy and Paste Options

Excel Copy and Paste Options

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Excel's copy and paste options are well used features that can save you a great deal of time when creating a spreadsheet.

Copy and paste allows you to copy the data, functions, or formulas from one or more cells and add them to other cells in the same worksheet, to locations in different worksheets or even to other workbooks.

Example: Using Excel's Copy and Paste Options

  1. Type the number 101 in cell A1 and press the Enter key on the keyboard.

  2. Click on cell A1 to make it the active cell.

  3. Click on the Copy button on the Home tab.

  4. Cell A1 will be surrounded by the Marching Ants to show that it is the cell being copied.

  5. Click on cell B1 - the destination cell for the copied data.

  6. Click on the Paste button on the Home tab.

  7. The number "101" should appear in both cells A1 and B1.

Follow these same steps to copy data to different worksheets or different workbooks.

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